Tax and Accounting Services

We offer an array of tax and accounting services from tax preparation (individual, partnership, S Corp, C Corp, trusts) to international tax compliance (U.S. citizens abroad) to bookkeeping and other accounting services.




We offer tax compliance and planning/consulting services for individuals, partnerships, trusts, estates, not-for-profit entities, 'S' Corporations, 'C' Corporations, and international tax filings.


Whether you have solely compliance/tax filing needs, have questions regarding tax planning for the current year, or are concerned about the tax ramifications of an upcoming transaction, we stand ready to assist you with all of your tax compliance and planning needs.


Have you considered the consequences of the most recent tax law changes?  How will these changes affect your personal and business affairs?  Do you have the cash on-hand to meet your tax and business-expansion obligations?  Are all of your tax returns and financials up-to-date in the event they are requested from bankers, loan officers, business acquisition/merger partners?  Do you have accounts overseas or generate income from outside the U.S.?  Did you work overseas and do you have questions regarding double-taxation and possible tax treaty benefits?  Have you missed some of your tax filing obligations and need to get back in compliance?


These are just some of the questions individuals and business-owners may have.  Get the peace of mind that you deserve by consulting with a qualified CPA.  We are here to help relieve your tax compliance burden and assist in guiding your business in the right direction.

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